Survey - Mapping

Our SURVEY AND MAPPING department understand that precise and accurate measurements are the foundation for every design engineering project. Through consistent use of our platting, SURVEY AND MAPPING capabilities combined with state-of-the-art programs, PEC delivers a variety of professional services. These services include residential builder's packages and mortgage for governmental agencies and everything in between. We have been successful in platting tens of thousands of residential lots for new developments, performing design and right-of-way surveying for city and county roadways, and major interstate highway projects. PEC has also been responsible for all surveying related to several regional malls and shopping centers.

With all this combined, PEC's Survey Mapping and GIS department provides accuracy, timeliness and satisfaction for every client. Whether your project includes pipeline construction, roadway design, residential development, acquisition surveys or a survey for your family home, the PEC Team is here to serve.

Land Surveying Geographic Information Systems
Boundary Surveys Needs Assessment
Control Surveys Data Dictionaries
Location Surveys Layer Development
GPS Surveys Attribute Tables
Topographic Mapping Document Digitizing/Translation
Construction Layout    
Wetland Surveys    
As-Built Surveys